Personal Note

Thank you for making this far and being interested to know more about me.

Hi, I'm Sandeep (aka. Sam/Sandy), a computer engineer, web designing enthusiast and more of human with a real wish to do something good. I believe that a website can take any business to another level. I aim for simplicity, clarity and for making things easier for people to use and do. I believe things should be intuitive and accessible.

Previously I worked as CTO at BombayWorks in Mumbai. Priort to that, I have worked as an Application Engineer for Rakuten Inc. in Tokyo, Japan. I completed my graduation from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (V.J.T.I), Mumbai, India.


Bend tools to your needs.

Technical Skills

I don't like to brag, but this time I will do it. Yup, I am good at writing perfomance centric JavaScript (Client/Server side) and also I can make website dance with css3 animations. I'm an early bird. Unlike other programmers I rarely drink coffee but I can continue coding till wee hours.

Check out my GitHub profile for more projects: sandeepjain@Github

Final Note

See what I had targeted to achieve before I turn 25 and I'm writing my goals that are to be achieved before I turn 30.

I have designed this site out of my passion for web designing and I am using this site as a public platform to explore and document my interests among other things.