10 Must Read Blogs/Feeds (for me)

In my effort to let you guys know who I am and what I do, I am listing out 10 blogs/feeds of which I read almost every article.

  1. Smashing Magazine - Design, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  2. Daily JS - JavaScript
  3. A List Apart - Web development process, Design, Code
  4. HTML 5 Doctor - Info on usage of HTML5 tags
  5. Digital Inspiration - Cool online tricks
  6. Noupe - Design, Wordpress, CSS (no JavaScript)
  7. Line25 - Design, Inspiration
  8. JS Patterns - JavaScript
  9. Paul Irish & John Resig- JavaScript
  10. Nettuts+ - PHP, JavaScript, tutorials

and few fun reads:

  1. MyLifeIsAverage
  2. Fail Blog

JFYI: My favorite feed reader is feedly. It's an awesome feed reader which auto syncs with Google Reader.

This entry was published on 15th Sep, 2011.