Bit About My Coding Setup

Let's walk through my coding environment setup at office/home.

Editor: TextMate

After switching from Win to Mac a year ago, it was tough to find replacement for Notepad++. Then I came across TextMate, the costliest (around $57 ≈ Rs. 2700) and the most awesome web editor on MAC OS. TextMate has lots of features inbuilt into it, but you can easily add/customize it to fit your needs using TextMate budles.

Just like me, if you are working mainly on HTML/CSS then mHTML and mCSS are no miss TextMate bundles. Once I installed them, I was amazed to see how fast I was coding.

For example if I need to declare CSS property position: absolute, I would just write poa and press trigger (tab in my case) to get position: absolute. Have a look at author's screen cast to learn more on this HTML/CSS bundles.

FTP: Cyberduck

For me choosing between Cyberduck and Filezilla was a close race but Cyberduck won just because of it's interface (which is more similar to MAC OS finder). Cyberduck has lots of easy to customize tweaks and has support for WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs & Amazon S3.

FTP Edit

I have connected Cyberduck and TextMate to easily edit FTP files. Thanks to for this awesome trick.

  1. In Cyberduck’s preferences make sure external editor is set to TextMate. Also, it helps if “Double click opens file in external editor” is set to true.
  2. Open up a file from your FTP project that is close to the top level directory of your project, you’ll see why in a minute.
  3. In the TextMate window that popped up, hit ctrl+shift+o (Bundles > Shell Script > Open Terminal). The terminal will open at the temporary location where the file you are editing is.
  4. cd .. back to the top level directory of your project and enter: mate .

Now any subsequent files you open using Cyberduck will be added as tabs in the current TextMate project.

FYI: This trick have saved hell lot of my time.!! :)

Online Sharing: Github, Dropbox

I use dropbox to share website designs. I find it easy to port my non-public code across home/office via Dropbox.

For code hosting, GitHub rocks. You can find all open source projects (only 2 as of now >_<) of mine at github. GitHub Mac app provides easy to use GUI for git repositories. App seamlessly syncs online github repositories, and also maintains your locally initialized repositories. It's seriously awesome.

Other non-sense

Give me cookies/biscuits while I am coding and be amazed with results.

I love my Apple wireless keyboard (at office) and MacbookPro (at home) is a tasty treaty. I really don't like Apple magic mouse (Damn!! It sucks lots of batteries), but I need to keep it.

This entry was published on 14th Sep, 2011.