Finally Code

As another year comes to an end, here is the list of tools/frameworks I feel proud to have as part of my web development workflow. And at the end some advice to keep you up.

Use Chrome as only Browser for development. But test it on all browsers you want to support (BrowserStack). Also learn/master chrome console.

Chrome Extensions you must have:

  • LiveReload
  • W3Schools Hider
  • JSON Formatter
  • Postman - REST Client
  • PageSpeed (by Google)
  • Domain Swap - Easily switch between different development environments

Frameworks you need to know - use them and learn from them:

Tools master them:

Subscribe to feed (and read them as well):

Random Guidelines shit advice

  • Indent/Format your code properly
  • Modularize your code (Always - no excuse)
  • DRY
  • MDN (no W3 schools please)
  • Reduce Boilerplate Code
  • How to really defer Loading Javascript - by Google
  • Code such that 'The one who codes after you should praise you..'
  • Setup your VPS - !!Refereal Link Alert!!
  • Write Blog - No wordpres please, Try Jekyll Ruby, Ghost - Node
  • Have Personal Project (Use this to go wild with experimenting with new stuff you come across everyday). !!Brag Alert!! I have one.
  • Contribute to open source projects on Github.
  • Use Better Note Taking/Todo App.
  • Eloquent Javascript
  • Make sure you are able to access all your e-mail accounts with single app.

Enjoy! Travel! Live! Love! Code!

This entry was published on 16th Dec, 2013.