India - Few Thoughts

I feel ashamed to read recent article published at CNN iReport titled 'India: the Story You Never Wanted to Hear'. Article tells harsh truth about Indians (specially mens/boys). Yes, more or less most of Indian men's are cruel/harsh/cheap on women's. Not all though.

They easily pass vulgar comments on women, or stare them to death. In other words a bloody Indian men on seeing women may first rape her visually and then attempts for physical rape.

Also men's are not only cruel to women's here in India, they are even harsh at other men's. People usually when in group try to almost kill other men with their words. Dadagiri is the word proper fit to express this situation.

That's one of the reason why most of the Indians, once start working abroad never plans to come back to India. The sense of security you feel in developed nations is way ahead of India.

It forces to ask questions like Are we really the most cultured nation on earth? Do we really believe in God or just faking it up. Think again! Is this the nation where you want your daughter to grow up?

Change yourself. Motivate others to change.

Be calm. Spread peace.

This entry was published on 27th Aug, 2013.