rBoiler: Responsive HTML5 Boilerplate

With many turning towards responsive web designs, I too started learning more about responsive designs, fluid grids and media queries.

After few learning lessons, I realized that designing responsive design isn't only tough, but also requires lot of testing. Rescue to all this is selection of excellent grid system.

Some grid systems I went through includes Less Framework, Foldy960, SimpleGrid, Golden Grid System and 1140 CSS Grid. Out of all this I selected Golden Grid System for it's awesome deemed folding feature.

To set a starting point for my future responsive design projects, I built rBoiler - The Responsive HTML5 Boilerplate - mashup of famous HTML5 Boilerplate and Joni Korpi's Golden Grid System.

As Golden Grid System (GGS) is based on 'leaving old IE behind' policy, I haven't added any poly-fills to rBoiler. I have re-organized HTML5 Boilerplate directory structure to my liking (i.e. grouped css, img, js folders into assets folder - see github for more on this).

Other fine details:
  • jQuery: 1.6.4
  • Removed Google Analytics code - I don't use it.
  • Build.xml, Apple icon, test etc. are moved to extras.
  • For IE6-8: Add html5shiv, Respond JS
More about Responsive Designs:

See Demo or Fork on GitHub.

This entry was published on 16th Sep, 2011.