Hello, everyone!! I will be using this space to broadcast about my self-built libraries, API's and various other HTML/CSS tricks. I am great fan of JavaScript and I'm well known for writing performance centric JS code (yes I'm bragging about it, that's the only thing I'm good at >_<), so expect more of Javascript stuff over here.

Here is the partial list of topics that I may discuss over here:

  1. JavaScript - jQuery, Ender, Libraries, Plugin, My JS experiments ...
  2. HTML5 - Strictly HTML5, I want learn more about it.
  3. CSS3 - Webkit Animations :)
  4. Photos - Maybe few
  5. and other assorted non-sense

Note: More or less this new blog will try to replace one of my oldest blog Sam Ideas. So stay tuned.

This entry was published on 13th Sep, 2011.