You Are The One!!!

A poem dedicated to the one, who everybody desires for and is ready to do all the things just to make that one curve on her/his face....

Alone, I can walk for miles,
Just thinking about your priceless smiles.
I remember all the moments and I remember each one,
making me to realize, Yes its You,
You have always been the One !!!

Our memories talk to me whenever you are not near,
are itched in my heart so pure and clear,
My mind is set on fire,
to tell you,
Its You, You are my only desire..

It was all dry,
with only the pain and cry.
I banged my head,
& I prayed for its end.
All i wanted was a little surprise,
& a little reprise.
But it all went in vain,
Thus, I remained in pain and more pain.

But then,

Time played a miraculous game,
amazingly picking up your name.
to create a sweet change.
You were my rosy rain,
that took me out of this unbearable pain.
You brought the days of blossom,
my life was full of bests and awesome...

You taught me to be strong,
My strength was nothing but our sweet bond..
Apart from all the stars and skies beyond,
My Love, it is only US about whom I am fond..
I wish, I pray, I imagine,
That this sweet bond has no end,
You are my life and its perfect blend.

Our heart, our soul, everything is One,
oh my Love,
I cant be alive, without you being the One,

Its You, only You are my sweet, little, special One !!! AbhyA (Abhijeet Pawar)

This entry was published on 19th Jun, 2012.